Customer Error Reports (CER's) -

Dave Morse

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If you've ever had Autodesk Inventor crash in the middle of a command, chances are it produced the Autodesk Inventor Error Report.  This, you suppose, is the portal to the great black hole in the cloud.  You scoff, because after the fifteenth crash you've had over the last two months, you haven't received one email back from Autodesk on how to fix your problem.  You decide you're not even going to send them in anymore, and so you don't.  Well, I'm here to say "keep sending them in", but don't stop there.  If you're one of our customers that has access to our award-winning technical support, then we can take a look at your problem, and help you find a solution (provided one exists), but it's going to require just a little work from you.

Below is an image of the CER dialog box.  Here's what you'll need to do:

  • After typing your email address and providing details to Autodesk, click on View Report Details.

  •  Once in the Autodesk Inventor Error Report Details dialog box, select the dmpuserinfo.xml file, and then click the View file contents link.  This will open the xml file, which you can either copy and paste the file contents into an email to our support team, or you can save the file and submit the file via email.

This allows us to begin working on your error with the necessary information already contained in the file, and you won't be left feeling you've just sent an email to outer reaches of the galaxy, where it will never be seen.

By the way, Autodesk does look at these reports, and they rely upon the information you put into the details section to help them isolate and work on a fix, so remember to be as thorough as possible.