Decrease Design Time, Increase Profits

Jason Porter

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How many of you out there hold onto those old work stations because they "work just fine"?  I know many people who refuse to purchase newer work stations because they don't want to spend the money.  I recently had a call from a guy who was upset because he just purchased AutoCAD 2015 and was having trouble installing it on a Windows 2000 system.  REALLY!?!?!?!?Technology changes and it changes fast.  And, no, not because the manufacturers are forcing you to spend money.  Yes, they are in the game to make profits, but what's really driving the changes comes from users.  Users are constantly wanting better, faster, more robust tools added to their computers, software, etc.  Rather than thinking of it as "spending" money for these tools you should be thinking of it as "INVESTING" in your company.  Let's face it, you use these tools to make money.

I'm always amazed at how fast we, as a society, will run out, stand hours in line, spend hundreds of dollars in purchasing, and spend lots of time learning a new cell phone, but we try so hard to make our computers and software run like they did "way back when".  Cell phones are a tool to keep us connected.  I recognize that.  But they rarely make us money.  But our computers and software are our livelihood.  Why wouldn't you want to adopt productivity changes as they are released?

Autodesk did a study where they tested older software running on older systems, newer software running on older systems, and newer software running on newer systems. The results are quite interesting.  You may want to reconsider running the older stuff.  While your chugging along maintaining the older computers and software, other design firms are two or even three projects ahead of you.

Read this article to see the numbers:

Slash design time by up to 48 percent with AutoCAD 2015 on a new workstation