Default Length and O.D.

Scott Hendricks

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Below is an list sorted by priority of how the Autodesk Fabrication products get standard lengths and O.D.’s. When creating content, knowing how Standard Length and O.D.’s are applied to items will save you hours of frustration.

Priority 1

Item Dimensions   (A number can be input here and that will be the default length or it can be set to Auto in which it will move to Priority 2)

Priority 2

Specification/Material/Straights Only

Priority 3

Specification/Material/All Types

Priority 4

Specification/Material (Any)/Straights Only

Priority 5

Specification/Material (Any)/All Types

Priority 6

Materials/Specification/Gauge   (This priority only applies to O.D. and this length is only used for Linear Nesting reports)