Desktop Subscription Products - Understand, Install, and Configure

Jason Porter

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By now I'm sure you've heard that Desktop Subscription is Replacing Perpetual Licensing. For those of you who have already purchased desktop subscription, there have been a lot of questions.  For your convenience I'll post the answers to the most popular questions here, but you can read the Installation & Configuration of Desktop Products FAQ document provided by Autodesk for more questions and answers.  The most popular of the questions we've been receiving are. . .

  • Q: What is a named user?
    A: A Named User is one who is assigned to use a Desktop Subscription license. Users are assigned based on their Autodesk ID, which is associated with that individual’s email address and gives them access to Desktop Subscription software and benefits. Named Users can't share their Autodesk IDs with others, and they must be an employee or on-site contractor. Consult the Autodesk Subscription Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Q: If that named user leaves my company do I lose my license?
    A: As employees join or leave your company, you may need to reassign Desktop Subscription software to another user. Reassigning the Named User is permitted, subject to Autodesk Subscription Terms and Conditions.
  • Q: Do I always need an internet connection to run the software?
    A: For the initial installation and login, an internet connection is required. After installation, the software will work offline for up to 30 days, at which point you must connect to the internet to continue. You will be reminded 7 days prior to having to connect to the internet in order to continue using the software. An internet connection is required in order to access cloud services.
  • Q: Is the software in the cloud or on my desktop?
    A: Desktop Subscription software is installed on the desktop in the same manner as traditional perpetual-license, desktop products; it does not run in the cloud. Many Desktop Subscription offerings include access to cloud services that are not installed on your desktop; for example, rendering. Cloud services do run in the cloud and require an internet connection.
  • Q: Are my files saved in the cloud?
    A: Files and projects created with Desktop Subscription software are saved locally. Although an actively licensed Autodesk software product is required to open and edit files, you retain all your local data.