Map 3D commands missing dialog boxes

Jason Porter

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You've got Civil 3D 2015 installed and it appears to be running fine.  Then you decide to import GIS data via the Map 3D tools.  You go through the process. . .successfully import a SHP file into a blank drawing (for example). . .open your working drawing and use the Map Task Pane > Map Explorer tab to attach the drawing with the SHP file. . .then attempt to tun a query on that drawing. . .but where's your Define Query dialog box?

You've verified that the system variables, FILEDIA and CMDDIA, are both set to 1.  However, there are several commands affected by this issue (ADEQUERY, MAPOPTIONS, MAPTHMOBJ, MAPTHEMTOPO, MAPBOUNDARY, and MAPTRIM).

The cause of this is because during installation your Civil 3D profile did not include the Map support folders in the File Search Path.

To work around this issue, make sure the path to the ade.dcl file is set in the Support File Search Path.

  1. On the command line type _OPTIONS
  2. Go to the Files tab and expand the section Support File Search Path
  3. Add the path : C:\program files\autodesk\autocad 2015\map\support\en-us
  4. Apply, and close the OPTIONS dialog box
  5. Restart Civil 3D (a restart IS needed)

This is a known issue and documented solution by Autodesk : Dialog boxes do not appear for various Map commands in Civil 3D 2015