Michael Zeeveld

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I couldn’t resist showing a Disco ball for this topic. But what really is a discovery? The definition itself is “the action or process of discovering”. Some synonyms are: finding, uncovering, unearthing. Locating and even realization or revelation. This is important when this all is related to, or for the purpose of a Discovery when it applies to an implementation. The implementation could be for a new software, a software upgrade, a process or standard.

Many companies have begun to or are being asked by their clients to adopt Building Information Modeling. These companies fall into one of three scenarios. The first is the firm that is just starting adopting BIM. They do not have BIM expertise in house and need a mentor and an adoption strategy. The second category of firm is one that has adopted BIM and finds that it is not reaping the benefits of BIM, is profitable operating in BIM, and may be at risk of not meeting its contract obligations. The third category of firm is one that has acquired BIM Experts and due to its agile culture has made process changes that enable it to be successfully operating in a BIM environment.

The Applied Software Discovery Assessment Services was created to help all three types of firms. We will work with you to determine where you are in the adoption spectrum outlined above and create a strategic plan tailored to your situation to help you increase your BIM capabilities. Applied Software has professionals from the architectural, engineering, and construction realms that have practical knowledge of how to successfully deliver BIM projects and build BIM empowered organizations. If you are just starting out, we can help you define an effective adoption plan to reach your business goals efficiently. If you are working in BIM and are having difficulties achieving the benefits it can provide, we can help you create a plan to streamline your processes and work with your practitioners to help them become BIM proficient. If you are successfully delivering BIM projects and want to increase your efficiencies and abilities, we can help you identify best practices that will boost your efficiencies and profitability. We focus on creating organizational areas that will enable a company to become BIM empowered. Those business functions are Business Practices and Workflows, Professional Development Plan, Requirements, and Infrastructure. We call these the Four Pillars for Success

The Applied Software Discovery Assessment process provides our clients with a realistic snap shot of their current Business Technology abilities and recommendations on how to effectively use technology to accelerate their business success. This process will provide the basic foundation from which an organization can align on its Business Technology goals and begin to build a strategy to take the next step in its abilities to use BIM and supporting tools such as REVIT and other software to improve their firm’s performance.