eVolve’s 3D Move tool

Rick Buckman

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eVolve’s 3D Move tool

One of the best tools for Revit you aren’t using

The 3D move tool takes a family selection and places it to another point. This works much like a snapping tool and gets you right where you want to be. In this example I will take a strut and place 2 families at the very top of the strut using this tool.

The strut is at a different elevation than the other 2 families. In a 3D vie lets snap these two items in place.

Run the 3D move by selecting it or using the shortcut. Select a point on the wire-way.

Next select a location on the strut. The wire-way will now snap to that location.

It will snap just like the picture below placing it on the top of the strut.

Now we will do the same for the conduit and place it on the top of the strut. Begin by start by selecting 3D Move, and then the base of the conduit.

Be sure to be aligned with the outside edge and the red centerline. 

Then select the face of the strut.

It will place the conduit at the top of the strut with precision.