Explicit and Implicit Revit View Templates

Rabi Sidawi

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This Revit feature (view template control) remains under-utilized by some Revit users. When you assign a view template to a view, you can choose to apply it Implicitly or Explicitly.

The Implicit method allows for quick uniformity between views sharing the same view properties while allowing the user to make further changes to each view. The Explicit method does NOT the user to make further changes to each view, and require a more strict adherence to BIM Standards. The latter creates a robust link between the template and the view. Further changes to the view must be performed at the template level, and are automatically applied to any linked views.

Refer to this recorded video for a more detailed workflow:

[video class="screencast" width="720px" height:"405px" mp4="https://www.asti.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Explicit-and-Implicit-Revit-View-Templates.mp4"][/video]