Export to AutoCAD in Civil 3D 2015

Jason Porter

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For years now when someone using Civil 3D has to send their drawing over to a basic AutoCAD user they must use the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD command to convert their Civil 3D drawing into basic AutoCAD form.  However, in Civil 3D 2015 the command is enhanced nicely.

When you use the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD from the application menu (shown below),

you are taken to this new dialog box:

Let me take take a second to explain these new enhancements.  I've numbered them in the image to correspond to the numbering below.

  1. Export to file type - You now have the option to export to AutoCAD DWG format or MicroStation DGN format.
  2. External DWG references - You now have options on how you want to handle your xrefs. Your options are:
    Bind and Explode
    Bind and Insert
    Bind, Insert, and Explode
  3. Files to export - You can choose only the drawing you're currently working in or you can now choose to select several drawings from within a source folder
  4. Include Sheet - Now you have the option to include your layout tabs within a drawing.  If you choose this option you will see each layout listed in your files to export (item number 5)
  5. Files to Export - Though you may see several files here you have to option to check on or off which ones you want to export.
  6. Export Settings - Here you can set version of which AutoCAD or MicroStation you want to export out to.
  7. Source Folder - Now you can choose an entire folder of drawings to export out.
  8. Destination Folder - Determine which folder on your system you'd like to save the files to.
  9. Destination File Name Prefix - Similar to past versions, you can add a prefix to these drawings to differentiate between AutoCAD and Civil 3D drawings.  You can modify the prefix here.
  10. Destination File Name Suffix - If you choose to have a suffix in the name of each exported file you can modify that here.