Find Your Missing Tabs in AutoCAD Mechanical

Dave Morse

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I recently had a client who was wanting to render a 3D model they had created, but couldn't find the Render tab, so I thought I would share with everyone.

There are many tabs available on the Ribbon in AutoCAD, but it wouldn't make much sense to try and display them all, so workspaces are used to help organize tabs into workflows.  So, if you're trying to find a tab, such as the Render tab, but cannot, here is how.

First, simply select the drop-down arrow in the Workspaces tab in the Quick Access toolbar.

Then, select another workspace. In this example we will select the 3D Modeling workspace.

When the 3DModeling workspace is activated, you will see the Render tab is now visible.

If for some reason, you don't see the Render tab, you can right-click anywhere on the ribbon and select Show Tabs. In the flyout, the Render tab will be unchecked. Simply click on Render, and the Render tab will display. This will work for any Tab on the Ribbon, and any Workspace.