Fusion 360 - Copying, Moving, and Archiving

Dave Morse

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A360 keeps all of the file versions of your Fusion 360 designs, allowing you to recall or promote older versions to be the current working version. Did you know that you could save archive files to your local computer for safe keeping? Copying and moving files and folders between projects is also now supported. In this post, we'll explore how to move and copy files between project folders, and we'll also look at archiving Fusion 360 design files.

Copying Files

  • The ability to copy a Fusion Design file to another project location is now straight forward. In A360, simply click on the Project folder you want to access. Click on the Data tab, and then hover your mouse over the file that you want to copy, or select the checkbox next to the file.

  • If you hover over the file in the list, you can click on the Actions icon. In the drop-down list select Copy.

  • The Copy to dialog box will show, displaying all of your project folders. Simply select the folder you wish to copy the design file to, and select the Copy button (Note: The New Folder button becomes active once you select a project folder, allowing you to create a subfolder in which to place the file). The file is copied.

Moving Files

The process described above also works for moving files. It appears that Autodesk intends for there to be another method that you can use to move or copy files is within the Fusion 360 workspace, however, it does not appear to be functional at this time. Providing that it becomes functional, here is the apparent workflow:

  • Click on Show Data Panel in the Application bar. In the Data Panel, select the appropriate Project file that contains the file you want to copy or move.
  • Right-click on the file preview in the Data Panel and select Move. The Move to dialog box appears. You have the ability to create a New Project or to create a New Folder.

  • Click on +Project to create a new Project folder. Enter the name in the resulting box and hit the Enter key.
  • Click on +Folder to create a new folder within the newly created Project folder. Hit the Select button in the dialog box to move the file to the selected project folder.

  • It's at this point that you will be informed that Move is unavailable. If you try Copy, it will also be unavailable. I'm sure you can look for this functionality being available soon.

Archiving Files

Even though you have the ability to promote a previous version of a design file to be the current version, what if you wanted to save a certain file as a starting point for a new design? You can use the methods described above, but you can also create a Fusion Archive file (*.f3d) that is downloaded to your local hard drive, allowing you to store a local archive that can be uploaded to a new project folder at a later date. Follow the steps below to archive and restore your design.

  • With the design open in Fusion 360, click on the File icon in the Application bar and click Export... .

  • Select the Save as type drop-down box and select Archive files (*.f3d). Give the file a name (if you don't want to accept the default file name), and click the Save button.

  • To open the archive file in Fusion 360, you can click on the File icon in the Application bar and click New Design From File.

  • In the open dialog box, navigate to the location of the archive file you want to upload, select the file and click Open. The file is opened and contains all of the design data and history of the original file you exported. At this time there is no filename, and the file tab shows as Untitled*. Click the Save icon, and the Save dialog box displays. Give the design a name, and select the project folder to save the design file to.

Take some time and explore the differences in a move, copy, or archive using Fusion 360 and A360. Till next time...