Garnering Success with Autodesk® Simulation Portfolio for Manufacturing

Amy Worthy

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Success rarely happens by chance or accident, especially in the workplace. Strong management and leadership is essential to an organization’s success. That means, directing your team to use the right resources, with the right projects, at the right time. With the right pieces in place, you can use simulation to drive improved costs, warranty costs, time to market, and product reliability. But, where and how do you start?

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, March 9 at 12:30 PM EST and learn insights on different styles and tools to help your team work proactively instead of reacting to problems as you encounter them. You’ll hear from Autodesk® simulation experts, Vince Adams and Ryan Abel who work firsthand with organizations similar to yours while helping them streamline processes to design innovative products on time.

This webinar will cover all domains of simulation including finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and digital manufacturing. From strategies on how to help make your design engineers successful to coaching end-users to ensure the reliability of computed information, this is a webinar managers and engineering leaders shouldn’t miss. You’ll learn how different types of simulation solutions apply to different stages in the design process and when to implement these solutions. Additionally, they’ll show you how to assess key business objectives to construct a deployment plan that capitalizes on the value of simulation.

Meet the Speakers
Vince Adams is a 25-year FEA vet responsible for Autodesk, Inc., simulation customer satisfaction and growth. Vince has written 3 books & numerous articles on FEA in product development including a top selling guide for managing simulation in the design process for NAFEMS, the premier global resource for simulation education. Additionally, Vince has helped leading companies all over the world improve their processes either directly or thru classes presented in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia & South Africa.

Ryan Abel is a CFD Simulation Business Development Specialist who builds key industry partnerships. With his simulation expertise, Ryan has spent years driving awareness and adoption of Autodesk Simulation products to help engineers improve the development process. Ryan specializes in technical leadership for upfront CAE and mentoring design engineers and CAE analyst.