Geolocation Tab - Default on Startup

Jason Porter

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You launch Civil 3D 2015 and it always loads the Geolocation tab on startup. Many of you would rather see the Home tab on startup.  So now you must manually go into the Home tab.  It's an annoying extra step you have to do just to begin drawing.  Well, this can be changed.

Go into the Customize User Interface dialog box (CUI at the command line) and change the Contextual Display Type in the Civil CUI from the default 'Full with focus' to 'Full without focus.'

CUI> expand Ribbon> expand Tabs> select Geolocation from the list [near the bottom].
On the right hand side, find Contextual Display Type, change to 'Full without focus.'

It's also explained in this Autodesk technical document: Geolocation tab loads by default on startup