Get Your Nights and Weekends Back with Revu eXtreme

Carol Dunn

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It’s 7 pm. It’s already been a long day. But your drawings
need to have hyperlinks added before they are submitted for approval at 8 am tomorrow.
It’s going to be a long night. What would you give to be able to add all those
hyperlinks simultaneously then head home for dinner?

Enter Bluebeam Revu eXtreme. Key feature benefits of eXtreme
include OCR, Automatic Form Creation, Quantity Link, Scripting, Batch Sign
& Seal, Batch Link®, and Batch Slip Sheet. These features can be massive time
savers. The way you use them can improve your productivity and give you back your
nights and weekends. With eXtreme, the Revu Standard features are elevated to
the next level.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

  • Scan documents and recognize text even from low
    quality scans.
  • Once your documents are scanned, you can take
    full advantage of the Find feature in eXtreme.
  • OCR will also enhance features such as Hyperlinking,
    Redaction and Advanced Find.

 Batch Features

  • Batch Compare – With Bluebeam Standard you can compare two versions of documents using the Overlay or Compare tools. Standard allows you to compare one document at a time, but with eXtreme you can compare an entire set of documents at the same time. Imagine an architect sends you a 120-page ASI, and your project manager asks you to let him know in the morning what changes were made from the contract drawing set. Your options? Running Compare 120 times with Revu Standard, or running Batch Compare with eXtreme on all 120 sheets with a few clicks of your mouse. And, I shudder to think if we were still using paper drawings – it would be time to go to the coffee shop, grab a large coffee, and call your loved ones to let them know you’ll see them tomorrow.
  • Batch Hyperlinks – Revu Standard allows you to select text, markups, and callouts and add hyperlinks in the drawings, which, in itself, is an incredibly valuable tool. But when you add eXtreme Batch tools, you are now able to generate hyperlinks in drawings, section cuts, specifications – on hundreds of pages – in a matter of a few minutes. Not only are you saving time creating the hyperlinks, but any time someone using your drawing set clicks on a link, you are saving their time on the project as well. Considering thousands of clicks a day, your time savings will really add up.
  • Sign & Seal – eXtreme also allows the signature tool to be applied to a batch set of documents. Use it to confirm and secure a set of documents with your signature and/or professional seal. With a few clicks, you can send the drawings and keep the project moving forward.

Live Link

With the quantity takeoff tools in Revu, you can quickly and
easily quantify anything on your drawings, including volume and sloped objects
like roofs. If you thought it couldn’t get any cooler, you need to check out
Live Link. With an integration to Microsoft Excel and your customized toolsets
(Applied Software can help with this), your quantities in Revu eXtreme can feed directly to your Excel estimating
spreadsheet. There they can be calculated utilizing any of your favorite Excel
formulas or imported into your estimating software. And did I mention that
these are live? This means as you
continue to do takeoffs, the Excel document will update in real-time.

Automatic Form Creation

The industry is flooded with forms for everything from bid
submittals to safety and stormwater. With Revu eXtreme you can create easy to
use and fill out forms by simply scanning
the form you want to use
. Revu eXtreme will recognize the form and identify
the fillable fields, making it easy to complete the form in the future. You can
also sign/secure the document, flatten, or add it to a Studio session if other
team members need to participate in real-time.

Assuming you’re anxious to take back your nights and
weekends, contact Applied Software for a
demo of Bluebeam Revu eXtreme. What’s
holding you back?

And after you start putting eXtreme to work for you, the next question is this: what’s for dinner?

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