Getting the Correct Length Parameters from Frame Generator in Inventor 2012

Dave Morse

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I know you're wondering why I'm posting about Inventor 2012 when the current release is 2014, but there is good reason.  Many users(even those who are current on subscription) are still using Inventor 2012, and so I thought it prudent to discuss this issue.  Okay, truth be known, I had a customer call me about this problem, but I still thought it was prudent.

Inventor 2012 has a bug when it comes to using Frame Generator and the Parts List reporting the correct Cut Length of the frame members.  If you are still using Autodesk Inventor 2012, then you’ll want to make sure you download the hotfix for this at:

There is a caveat to this hotfix.  The hotfix is only good for new assemblies created with Frame Generator.  You will have to go back to previously created frame assemblies created with Frame Generator and apply the VBA macro noted in the steps below, which come from the Being Inventive Blog, “Length parameter of frame generator beams not updating in R2012”. The frame Cut Lengths will then display correctly.

  • Open the VBA Editor from the Options panel of the Tools Tab.

  • Import the Script into the VBA Editor.

  • Run the Macro in the Frame Assembly file.

  • Check the drawing file(.idw or .dwg) to ensure the Parts List has updated the frame member length correctly.

  • Now you may also edit the Parts List to add the Base Qty field, change its name to Cut Length, and format the units to whatever format is needed.  In this case we’ve formatted the units to be feet and fractional inches.