Giving Your Users Access to Autodesk 360 Services

Dave Morse

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If you are the Contract Manager for your Autodesk software account, then you are essentially the "gate keeper" for all your users' abilities to access extended products and services.  Last week I had a client who was having difficulty accessing the Inventor Optimization extension on Autodesk 360.  It turns out, that all he needed was to be granted access to those features.

This scenario made me wonder how many other Contract Managers may not be aware that they need to grant access to their users, or how to do it.  Hence, the inspiration for this post.

If you want to have access to any of the extensions that are available on Autodesk 360 from your subscription account, then contact your company Contract Manager for Autodesk software and request access.  They will need to log in to the Autodesk Subscription site, and then click on Autodesk 360.

Then, they can watch the video from the link ahead, and learn how to give you access.  How to create a named user and set permissions.

You can also refer to the Autodesk Subscription Center Support page for further support and instruction.