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I get the “how to” question quite a bit and my first response is, “have you checked the help file”? More times than none the answer is, “I didn’t know there was a help file”. Below are the steps to locate, add shortcut and navigate through the help file.

  • Locate the .chm file:
  1. CADmep: C:Program FilesAutodeskFabrication 2014CADmepen-USCADmep.chm
  2. ESTmep: C:Program FilesAutodeskFabrication 2014ESTmepen-USESTmep.chm
  3. CAMduct: C:Program FilesAutodeskFabrication 2014CAMducten-USCAMduct.chm
  • I recommend creating a shortcut on the desktop.

  • Double click the shortcut to open the help menu.

  • Using the search field.
  1. Click on search
  2. Type in a topic you are searching for
  3. Click list topics

  1. This will bring up a selection of topics to choose from, simply double click the topic to open.

  • Adding to favorites.
  1. Click on the Favorites tab
  2. Right click and add or hit the add button.
  • This topic will now be added to your favorites.