How to Install/Update Recap and/or Install Recap Photo

Jason Porter

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Updating to the newer version of Recap or installing Recap Photo has proven to be a topic of discussion among users attempting to find or download the product.  Recap is ever updating and Recap Photo is a tough software to find. . .if you don’t know where to look. 

Remember, Autodesk Recap Pro and Recap Photo are entitlement products.  If you need to first understand how activate entitlement products I recommend reading this first:  Activating Autodesk Entitlement Products

To update to the latest version of Recap you can find the update in your Autodesk Desktop App, your Autodesk Account, or within the software itself:

UpdateRecap 02

Once downloaded you simply find the .sfx.exe file in your downloads folder and extract it:

UpdateRecap 03

You can extract to wherever you prefer, but I recommend accepting the default location of the extraction:

UpdateRecap 04

Once extracted the install dialog box should appear, but if it doesn’t you can find it in your C:\Autodesk folder (assuming you didn’t change the default location of the extraction):

UpdateRecap 05

Navigate to the folder and launch the setup.exe file to launch the install dialog box:

UpdateRecap 06

Follow the prompts of the install dialog box (note that you don’t have to uninstall the last version of Recap because this will simply update that previous version):

UpdateRecap 07


In the installation configuration you’ll see that you can install the latest version of Recap and also install Recap Photo:

UpdateRecap 08

When complete you’ll see you now have two icons on your screen pertaining to each software:

UpdateRecap 09