How to Mix System family conduit with eVolve

Rick Buckman

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How to Mix System family conduit with eVolve<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>

We get asked the question sometimes. “Can I mix the two together”.  While I don’t suggest it, it can be done. There are a few things to consider. Have a good knowledgebase on Schedules and parameters. With this information you can bring together most items in with eVolve content and have it look good in a schedule. Let’s take a look at three runs in a project. One of the system type, one of eVolve content and one with a mixed bag.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


Below we have sheet and some variations of scheduling for the out of the box system conduit. <data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


Take notice of the 4 types of Schedules that Conduit run schedule has the most to offer, Length, Type, and a Diameter. The problem lies in that you have to make the conduit schedules exclusive from the rest of your fittings and whatever else you want to buy.  In Conduit Fittings you can count the elbows but no real data. So you will wind up make a bunch of different schedules and crossing your fingers that you can pull it all in and not leave anything out.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>

Now let’s compare with the eVolve Run<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


Notice that there are 4 columns of data. UM for unit of measure, Count, Length and Description. In this count we are getting data for fittings elbows and pipe. The elbows and pipe have been brought together to record the length they also share the other parameters. This way we get one schedule with all the material and it’s nice and neat. You can also sort data by level or any of the other Shared parameters inside the conduit families.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>

Finally let’s look at a combined run of eVolve and System Conduit.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


The one half of the run is System and the other end has eVolve content. I Have 2 schedules that you can use to compare the data.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


So How did we bring it together? Shared parameters at the project level. By adding the parameters to the Conduit we were able to select the grouping and do most of the assigning. The other thing was that the Revit Length parameter in the conduit had to be copied into the _LENGTH field. This is the only way to sync the information in a schedule.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>


Thanks for checking this out.<data-blogger-escaped-o:p></data-blogger-escaped-o:p>

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