I Heart Keyboard Shortcuts

Lyle Janda

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Ever wonder if there are keyboard shortcuts within ESTmep and CAMduct that could replace the pick and clicks? You’re in luck, both ESTmep and CAMduct have built in shortcut keys. Below is a list of shortcut keys for ESTmep and CAMduct.

  • F1: Will access your .CHM File (HELP FILE).
  • F5- Zoom extents: Brings the model to the extents limit in whatever projection you are in (Item edit window, CAD View, etc). If within Item folders, it will take you back to the 3-D Viewer.
  • F7- Redraw: Redraws the item to reflect the dimensional changes.
  • F8- Develop: Shows all flat pattern developments that make the component/item up
  • F9: Creates a new section.
  • F12- Reset Layout: Changes the toolbar placement back to default layout.
  • End: Accepts the item into the job.
  • Home: Resets the item selection for Quick Takeoff.
  • Ctrl+Shift+C: Brings up the console for switching users, creating patterns, etc.
  • Ctrl+S: Save Job.
  • Shift+F9: Add Couplings.
  • Shift+F10: Add Supports.