I want my Revit 2010 back

Matt Dillon

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I am not one of those people who react negatively to changes in interface with software upgrades. Usually they're there's a good reason for them, and usually they lead to a better user experience once you make the adjustment. Usually. Not always. The double-click a family to edit it thing still bugs the heck out of me... why? Never mind. that's not the subject of this post - I already addressed that in this post from August 15.

No, this time I'm complaining about the color of selected objects in Revit. It's blue. That's just wrong. Even though my favorite color is blue, selected objects should not be blue - they used to be red, several releases ago. I have no idea why someone decided to make them blue.

What's the big deal? Two things:

  • The color of pre-selected objects is  also blue - the exact same shade of blue as selected objects. This can sometimes confuse people, especially new users, as to what is selected and what is about to be selected. For Revit MEP users in particular who are wanting to select a supply duct system (which usually shows blue by default due to system graphics overrides) it can be doubly confusing.
  • Once selected, items that can be edited about the currently selected object are also blue - handles, temporary dimensions, flip arrows, grips, etc.

That's a lot of blue - and it dilutes the "special meaning" of the color blue in a Revit project. Blue has traditionally represented something that can be edited or a link to another view, but not the actual object being edited.

Not convinced that this is a problem? Try this. Launch the Revit Options and go to the "Graphics" screen. Change your Selection color to anything but blue, but something with a contrast - I like the original red.

Now, select an object.

Now isn't that better?