Improve your Coordination Model with 360+

Michael Reuter

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It seem like at least once a week, we are asked about how to improve or optimize the size of Navisworks & BIM 360 Glue models - teams Confederated Merged models are getting larger & larger as more data is added to each element. We created 360+ in part to help with this problem.

What is 360+?
360+ is a Revit Add-In, created by Applied Software, that helps optimize the viewing & creating of models for Navisworks & BIM 360. We originally created it to help BIM 360 Layout users better utilize their models in the field - we received feedback & learned through experience that most people like laying out points using a 2D system, and sometimes 3D visualization sometimes isn't helpful. But for the purposes of today's blog, we are going to review the use cases for BIM 360 Glue & Navisworks.

The Red Button: Create 2D & 3D Views in Revit for Export

Always start with the red button. It sets you up for the remainder of the project. Just click on the button, choose a View Template (you can pick an out-of-the-box template or the "View Template" we send with the Installer), select the 2D & 3D views you want to create, select the top of the view range for each view, and pick an area of the model. You can even customize the names of the views!

You've just created 2D & 3D views that house the same information. You can manually upload this data to BIM 360 Glue or you can export it to Navisworks, or you can utilize...

The Blue Button: Send 2D & 3D models to BIM 360 Glue

Once you've setup your views with the red button, you can export those views to Glue & create a merged model. Just click the blue button & choose your 3D view and corresponding 2D view. Name the intended merged model, and select the Glue project that you want to upload to. Right-click and select the folders that you want your Merged model, 2D & 3D views to reside, and hit OK. Finally, select your 2D view export option (we send you a "View Templates" RVT template with our installer that you can use). Once you hit OK, the merged models & models upload to Glue. You've now uploaded compact, usable models ready for coordination in Glue!

The Green Button: Export 3D views to Navisworks

So let's say you don't want to use Glue, but could still see value in breaking up your model by level. Great! That's exactly what the green button does. Simply click the green button & select the views you want to export as NWC to Navisworks. You can select as many or as few as you want. You will notice that it includes data that was already in your Revit model as well as the new 3D views that the red button created. Just choose the folder you want to export to & hit OK. This improves on what the "External Tools" button exponentially because it exports multiple views at once, instead of doing it one by one. Also, you don't have to fool with the scope box & fear that you might have too much or not enough data in your model - it's already done for you.

In Review:

360+ is a tool that can help you quickly slice up your model & send it to Glue or Navisworks for level-by-level clash coordination. It can quickly & easily split up your model, export / Glue multiple models, it optimizes model size, and will allow you to view your model in 2D or 3D. 360+ will save you time because it speeds up the export/Glue process, and also because it helps limit the file size of model.