InfraWorks 2015 to InfraWorks 360 2015

Jason Porter

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There has been a lot of confusion between InfraWorks and InfraWorks 360 and where to obtain the two.  I'm hoping this blog helps to clear the air.
First, what is the difference between the two?  InfraWorks has all the base modeling, proposal sketching, and scenario presentation options that I'm sure you're already familiar with.  InfraWorks 360 has all that standard InfraWorks does but allows you to share your design via the cloud.  Then there are the Roadway Design, Drainage Design, and Bridge Design add-in modules you can purchase that will only run in InfraWorks 360.
So does your design suite ship with Infraworks 360?  The answer is NO.  What you get in the design suite is the standard InfraWorks software.  InfraWorks 360 is a seperate purchase.  Now here is where the confusion seems to be.  After you purchase Infraworks 360 where and how do you get it installed?  That's the problem I've been dealing with for awhile.  I figured out a process that works for me and, if you need to get the software installed, I believe it will work for you.  There may be another way, but this was the only way I got it work for me.
Disclaimer: As of today's day (April 13, 2015) the word from above is that it will change (to be easier) with the 2016 software.  
This process has to be done exactly in the stated order. If one of the components is out of sequence you must start from the beginning by uninstalling everything.
Without an further ado, here it goes. . .

  1. The user needs to install the InfraWorks that ships with the design suite media and use the design suite serial number and product key for the install.  Now this step is here because I initially had the InfraWorks from the design suite involved.  I believe you can begin this whole process with step 2.
  2. The user then needs to login to their Autodesk Accounts website and download and install  the “InfraWorks 2015 Update (dated December 2014) for Suites Customers” which was released 12/19/2014 and can be found in the Product Enhancements section.
  3. If not already done so, the user must now purchase a standalone 360 serial number.
  4. Then the user needs to install a 30-day trial of InfraWorks 360 from the Autodesk website and use the newly purchased standalone serial number and product key (This install takes just as long as the first one in step 1; it’s a full install of another software).
  5. When both products are installed the user will need to look in the Autodesk Application Manager which was installed via the design suite media and install two updates:
    -    Autodesk InfraWorks 2015.3 Service Pack 1 English-US Locked 64 Bit
    -    Autodesk InfraWorks 360 2015.3 Service Pack 1 English-US Locked 64-bit.
  6. The first time a user launches Infraworks 360 it will ask him/her to activate.  You cannot activate online.  The user must contact Autodesk Authorization Codes (866-681-4359) to activate the software.

After these installs are complete the user will have two icons. . .one for InfraWorks and one for InfraWorks 360.  The service packs are what allows the software to link to Civil 3D and allows the user to login to convert from standard InfraWorks to InfraWorks 360.
InfraWorks 360 only works with a user’s Autodesk login credentials.  If a user doesn’t have login credentials they’ll need to get one (from their account manager in their Autodesk Accounts website).
I realize this is a lot of work to accomplish what should be a simple install, but, again, I have heard that it's going to be much easier in the near future (2016 release).  However, since the design suites have not yet been released I have not yet had the opportunity to confirm that.