Install the RIGHT Revit 2015 Update 4!!!

Matt Dillon

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week I reported the availability of Autodesk Revit 2015 Update 4 R2 - and I stated that if you are on subscription it includes a variety of new features - a list of which can be found here:

Revit 2015 Update 4 R2 - new features

However I neglected to mention one really important thing...

Make sure you are installing the CORRECT update! There are actually two - one for subscription customers, that includes all the new features, and one of non-subscription customers that doesn't. If you are on subscription and you install the non-subscription version, you will need to completely uninstall Revit and reinstall before you can install the Update 4 R2 version for subscription customers.

As I said in the previous article, access the version for subscription customers from your subscription web site. If you are NOT on subscription, go to the normal Autodesk product update downloads page for that version.