Introducing: Collaborea

Michael Reuter

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Introducing Collaborea (pronounced: Coal-lab-o-ray) - a rule-based model checker with cloud functionality that will greatly improve your Data Validation & Clash Coordination workflows. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a few blog posts that will give you more information about Collaborea, the rule-based model checker that functions inside of Navisworks & Revit, and BLDNG360, which is the cloud component that ties everything together. You'll be introduced to Collaborea, learn the different Rule Types you can create & how to create them, learn the Navis & Revit workflows, and finally, you'll learn about BLDNG360.

What is Collaborea?

Collaborea is a tool that will greatly improve Clash Coordination & will give you an avenue to quickly validate that required data is in your client's, architect's &/or subcontractor's models.  With BLDNG360, your entire team can view, review and manage all issues in the model, and your team can seamlessly find, review & resolve issues using the Revit & Navisworks Add-ins.

And one of the major differentiators with Collaborea is that you can save your rules (there are 3 types: Property, Duplicate, Clashes) & reuse them on future projects. It works great for Design-Build projects & projects that have COBie or robust MEP data deliverables because you can find, document & resolve the issue in Revit & Navisworks.

Reference the bullets below in case the above description was TL;DR.

The Problem:

Collaborea aims to resolve many of the issues we hear about every week from BIM Coordinators:

  • “I want to save time checking my model”
  • “I need help finding data gaps in my model”
  • “I like coordinating with Navis or Glue, but I think it could be better”
  • “I need a place where my Owner can quickly review issues online”
  • “I want to quickly find & resolve my model issues”
  • “I hate recreating my Search & Clash Sets for every project”
  • “Coordination takes too long”
  • “I need a better way to manage & document issues with my team”

General Workflow (Clash):

Collaborea looks to enhance your current Navisworks MEP coordination workflow. You setup your model just as before in Navisworks, and start creating your Clash Rules & run them. Collaborea will create a set of issues based on the Clash Rules. Next, you decide what data you want to output (Search Sets, ViewPoints or a Report), and then you share it with BLDNG360, Collaborea's cloud service. You can review the new Issues while viewing the model and comment & assign them on BLDNG360 or you can review them using the Issue Viewer Revit add-in. You revise your model based on the issues assigned to you, export your model & then send it back to the BIM Coordinator. And the process starts all over again.

General Workflow (Data Validation):

Collaborea will really revolutionize the way you validate model data. You start in Navisworks by creating a Property Rule & defining what data you're looking to confirm is in the model. It is similar to how you would setup a Search Set, but the main benefit is that if there are items that should, but don't match your intended search, then it creates issues that can easily be assigned & worked on. Similar to above, you save & run your rule, and then extract the data you want. You can then assign the issues and push them up to BLDNG360. The person assigned to the issue finds the object(s) and adds the data.

Main Takeaway:

So why use Collaborea? The main thing that separates it from other model checking software is that it gives you the ability to save your rules in the cloud for later use. The rules can be used over and over and over again because, instead of searching for clashes or data gaps in specific files, layers, etc., it searches them through Revit or IFC families & categories. Because those categories never change, you never have to recreate the rule, saving you tons of time, and making it a great Enterprise solution.

More to come:

Look for a quick blog next week about the 3 different Rule Types, how to create them & the benefits of creating Rules in Collaborea in favor of the current typical workflow (saving them via XML in Navisworks). After that, we will do a deeper dive into the Navisworks & Revit workflow, and then finally review BLDNG360.