Inventor 2017 Mouse Lag

Dave Morse

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Recently, I had a customer contact our support team in regards to a behavior after installing release 2017. He was having issues with his mouse lagging while panning and zooming and using Inventor generally.  He had been using 2016 without any issues. A quick search yielded a result on the Autodesk Inventor Troubleshooting site. I figured I would write about this, since it has the potential to be a common problem for users who also have Vault installed.

In short, the fix (until Autodesk is able to produce a patch) is to disable the My Home tab in inventor. From the Tools tab, select Application Options.   In the General tab, the My Home option has been moved to the bottom right of the dialog.  Un-check the box as displayed below.  Click OK to dismiss the dialog box.

The My Home tab is the cause, as it periodically checks the vault server to ensure that the vault status for each thumbnail preview is correct.  According to the article, this is the designed behavior but it is supposed to take place on a separate thread when Inventor is idle. Below is the link to the article on the AKN (Autodesk Knowledge Network).

Inventor Mouse Lag article

The Autodesk development team is working on this, but until then, I hope you find this helpful.