Inventor 2018.1 Update Focus - Project Objects

Dave Morse

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In Autodesk Inventor, we’ve all enjoyed the ability to project objects (edges) while in the sketch environment, since the dawn of time.  In addition, our understanding of how Inventor interprets acceptable geometry for 3D operations such as Extrude, Revolve, and Sweep, has helped us to gain an understanding of when to use the Construction Geometry toggle to make objects as Construction instead of Solid.  In my Inventor classes, I heavily emphasize to my students, the use of Construction Geometry over Solid Geometry because it cuts down on what I call ‘clutter’ in sketches.  It makes it easier for Inventor and for the user to easily identify which geometry can be used for a 3D operation, and which geometry is for reference only.  Previous to this update, users were stuck with two methods for creating Construction Geometry. The first is to use the Construction toggle before projecting.  This worked great, until you figured out that you forgot to toggle the setting back off when trying to project solid lines.

Figure 1: Construction Geometry toggle, located on the Format panel in the Sketch tab.

The second method was to project objects as solid geometry, then select the objects you wanted to change, then toggle them to Construction Geometry.  This one works fine, but is counter-productive to production.

The Inventor 2018.1 update brings with it, a new productivity enhancement for projection.  It allows users to make projection as Construction Geometry the default state.  This is a great enhancement that can considerably reduce the time traditionally spent on projecting geometry, selecting it, and toggling it to Construction.

You can find the setting in the Application Options dialog, under the Sketch tab.  See the image below for the location.

Figure 2: Click the checkbox to enable the Project objects as construction geometry (Inventor 2018.1, only).

I hope that you find this useful for increasing your productivity.  Cheers.