Inventor: How to Change Text Height

Dave Morse

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A client recently asked me how he could go about changing the size of his dimension text on existing Inventor drawings.  I thought I would post the info on my blog so that everyone can benefit.

The first thing to do is to select one of the dimensions that you want the text height modified on,  and then you can see which style is applied by looking at the Style pull-down menu in the Format panel of the Annotation tab in the Ribbon.

You can choose to place the selected dimension onto a different style by selecting the drop-down list and selecting the new style.  The dimension will take on the properties of the newly selected style.

In this case, there is no other style available that suits my needs, so I'm going to have to make changes to the style in use.  To do this, go to the ribbon and click on the Manage tab > Styles and Standards panel > Styles Editor.  This will bring up the Styles and Standards Editor.

In the Styles and Standards Editor, I select the Dimension Style that I noted was in use.  Then I select the Text tab to expose the Primary Text Style that is being used by the dimension style, and then select the Edit Text Style button (The pencil icon to the right).

Once in the Text Style, I select the Text Height drop-down box from the Character Formatting section of the dialog box. Then I select the appropriate text height, in this case I will select 0.188 in.

Next, I will click the Save button in order to save the changes to the Text Style.

After saving, and then selecting the Close button, I can examine my changes to the dimensions on the drawing.