Inventor Display Settings are Flexible

Dave Morse

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Autodesk Inventor's display settings are very flexible.  By default, the settings are controlled by the Use Document Settings radio button.  This button is located in the Appearance section of the Display tab within the Application Options dialog box.

This default behavior helps you to learn how to tweak the settings to your liking, because each document controls it's own display settings.  If you want to change any of the settings, you simply click on the Tools tab on the Ribbon, and select Document Settings.  In the Document Settings dialog box, on the Standard tab, select Settings... under Display Appearance. In the Display Appearance dialog box, you can adjust such settings as Model edges, Visual Style, Projection, Silhouettes and Depth Dimming, among others.  Once you've made the desired changes, simply click the OK button to accept and be returned to the Document settings dialog box.  Click Ok again.

Another way to control the Display Appearance is to select the Use application settings radio button under the Appearance section, Display tab of the Application Options dialog box.  This tells Inventor that you want consistency in how your models look, across all of your documents.  Once you select this method, you will use the Settings... button to control display settings, and once changed, they will remain for all documents, until you decide to change them again.

If you change any display settings using the above method while the Use Document settings radio button is selected, you will receive a warning message informing you the changes you just made will not be used in the current mode.  You'll need to change the radio button in order for those settings to be used.