Inventor Task Scheduler stops working

Dennis Howell

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The above image is an example of a common problem for Inventor users.  Though pictured is related to the Inventor Task Scheduler, it could be the same problem for the Project Editor, Inventor View, and other specific apps in the Autodesk / Inventor group.  It isn’t confined to a particular version nor to a specific operating system.

It will most typically show up following the installation of Inventor service packs, updates, and hotfixes.  But it has also occurred following Windows Updates and even installation/updates to seemingly unrelated products (screen casting programs for example).  It can also happen if you bounce between two versions of Inventor, for example going from Inventor 2017 to Inventor 2016.

The fixes could be one, two or all of the following.  I have ordered the fixes in the order that have offered the most success.  Please note, the following list may well require Admin privileges.

1.       Re-register:

a.       Right-click the Windows Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin).  Don’t you just love DOS!

b.      Type in (include quotes): cd “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Inventor 2017\bin” <Enter>

c.       Open the Windows Task Manager, go to the Details Tab and scroll down to the “i” section.  Watch for the Inventor.Exe to run when you type in the next step.  Depending on your system speed, it more than a few seconds to run.

d.      Type in: inventor /install <Enter>

e.      Be patient, watch the Task Manager.  The Command Prompt will give no indication that the process is complete.  When the Inventor.Exe leaves the Task Manager, then you can test the Inventor Task Manager.

f. If you are running multiple versions of Inventor, it may be enough just to first launch the same version of the Inventor first, prior to launching the Task Manager.

2.       Run the Inventor Reset Utility

3.       If it was working then stopped, check the Windows Restore for a recent date.  If it is not too far back, try Restore and test.

Now for the worse case scenarios where none of the above worked.

4.       Test the User Profile:  Log in as Admin on your computer and test the Inventor Task Manager.  If it runs fine, then you may have a corrupt User Profile.

5.       Uninstall / Re-install Inventor.  After uninstalling, clean out your temp folder, then reinstall.