Issues Plotting PDF's in Revit

Rick Kremer

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Here is the list in order of what to do to test/ clean up the project:

In Revit, got to Manage links/CAD Fomats tab, select all the linked CAD files and ‘UNLOAD”.

  1. Perform a test PDF plot of drawing set. IF the set plots out fine, then there’s an issue with one of the CAD files. I highly recommend going through the process I have in this video link showing how to clean and audit a Autocad fiile to be used in Revit.
  2. IF there is no difference after unloading all the CAD files from the project, then the issue is somewhere within the project file. This will take a little more effort to clean the project file.
  3. Cleaning Revit project. For this NO ONE can be in the project. Have the project manager open the central file, and have them work DIRECTLY inside the file, not a local file.
      1. In Revit goto  the Manage tab/ Inquiry/ click on “review Warnings”. ALL of the warning need to be taken care of. User should go through these and delete the items in question, or fix them.
        b. SAVE file. Close
        c. Open file normally, creating a local file. Try plotting PDF set of drawings.. Does this work? If so great stop..If not got step 4.
  4. If cleaning up all the warning did not work, have user open the Central file, again no one can be working in the project.
      1. Perform a ‘Purge Unused” in Revit. This can be found under the Manage tab/ Settings/ click on “Purge Unused”. BE VERY CAREFULL of what items you purge. Purge out the items that are not used.
      2. SAVE and close file
  5. Open Project normally and work on the local file. Perform the PDF plot set test

Once you have performed any of these steps above, you MUST HAVE EACH USER DELETE, or move their local files of the project to a backup folder. You don't want the user's local file to re-pollute the central file.

IF none of these steps work… then we have to get Autodesk to take a look at the file. The Project manager will need to create a case with Autodesk and upload their central file to get Autodesk to have look into the project file and see if they can uncover what is the issue. Below is a link on how to create an Autodesk case.

Best of Luck,