I've Been Everywhere / Oh the Places You'll Go

Michael Reuter

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I've been working for Applied Software for about 2 years now. As I reflected on that milestone, I thought about all of the places I've gone, people I visited, and things I've done to help people in Construction.

Things I'm most Proud of:
There are a few things that I have done that have really made me proud. I'll share two of those stories:

Problem 1:
The first month I was on the job, I went to Orlando to visit a major theme park client. They had a big problem on their hands - they were building an insane new experience where everything in the park lit up, moved, and/or was (or at least appeared to be) floating in mid-air, and almost every piece was unique. They needed a way to track & quickly identify every piece and part in the park & confirm the exact spot where it needed to go.

Our Solution
With the help of their Theming Subcontractor, COST of Wisconsin, we barcoded everything in the park. We trained their factory team to track the shipment of each item and came up with a SOP for placing each barcode (bottom right corner). We taught their field team how to track each item during construction using barcodes, how to confirm the orientation of each panel & object (based on barcode placement), and even how to visualize each object in the model & confirm location. We even trained their BIM & modeling team how to setup their model, helped them determine what data they needed to extract from their model, and created a system for for their project team to visualize their progress, and create reports that documented progress, which simplified the billing process.

Problem 2:
Last year I was chosen to lead a meeting with the C-Level employees of a large Mechanical & Piping firm in Mississippi. It was something that I had never done before, so it was a bit of a scary situation. I worked together with the client and my sales team to determine the issues that this company had, and how we suggested that they overcome them. The company was in the process of ramping up their Pre-Fabrication work, and they were finding that it was speeding up installation & quality in the field so they were looking to further improve field quality & speed up installation.

Our Solution
We presented them with a round-trip workflow that took their model from fabrication and added data to it; brought that data into BIM 360 Glue so that the team could coordinate MEP on their projects; created Equipment Sets that they could push data to BIM 360 Field & then track installation of their assets; and finally brought all of that data back into their models for closeout. After a few dry runs and practice, I met with my Sales Team, walked into the board room, introduced myself & presented to their entire Board of Directors & Chief Officers. I was nervous, but my preparation & my knowledge of the subject made the presentation seamless. The meeting was a huge success. I never would have had the access (or known what to do with the access had I gotten it) without working at Applied Software.

Where We've Gone & What We've Done:
As you can see from the map above, I've been all over the place since coming to Applied Software. I've trained people all over the country (both remotely & in person), I've led BIM & Beer events in key markets, and I've presented to companies, project teams, directors, chief officers, etc. all over the country. My point is this (sure, I'm beating my chest with this blog post): we at Applied Software talk to companies like yours all the time. We talk, and more importantly, we listen to you. We listen to your problems, your successes, your wishes, your goals, and what you love & hate about construction. We listen, compare what you said with what the industry knowledge we have acquired, and then we go back & determine how (if at all) we can help you. Then, we present the solution to you.