Latest Windows 10 Update (v 1803) Breaks Infrastructure Products

Jason Porter

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In April 2018 Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 (v 1803) and it appears that this update is causing issues for Autodesk infrastructure products.  The main issues that we know of at this time are:

  • Infraworks locks up
  • Hydraflow does not work properly

For the Infraworks issue, Autodesk has already figured out the issue and released a hotfix:  InfraWorks locks up after Windows 10 Update

For the Hydraflow issue, unfortunately at this time there is no resolution.  I'm hoping this discussion thread will shed light on the issue and eventually have a solution posted as well:  Windows 10 v 1803 Breaks Hydrflow

As soon as there is an update or resolution I will update this blog.

Something to note:  Apparently once the Windows update is installed you only have 10 days to remove before it becomes a permanent part of your OS and then there appears to be no way of uninstalling it.  

!!!!!!UPDATE (7/3/2018)!!!!!!

Autodesk just released a fix for the Hydraflow issue:  Hydraflow Hydrographs Pond Outflows Increases