No longer the Curly Shuffle, It's now the Knurly Shuffle?

Dave Morse

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Okay, so I watched way too much TV as a kid. Curly, from The Three Stooges, was one of my favorites.  So, naturally, I put my own twist on the title of this post.

I've had a customer recently ask me for help getting the knurled 45 appearance to show up correctly in Inventor, so I thought I would put it out on the Enceptia Manufacturing Blog.  Out of the box, Inventor 2013 has a problem displaying the "knurled 45" appearance correctly.  It simply does not display the knurl texture, and this continues to be a problem in the 2014 release.  I must give a thank you and a nod to Dave Whitely for his original youtube post that I found when first researching the problem,  You can choose to watch his video, or you can continue to read this post for instructions on how to fix this problem once and for all.

First, select a circular surface that you want to apply the knurled appearance to.  Once selected, go to the Appearance drop down list and select Knurled 45.  You will notice that no knurling appears on the surface.  Next, open the Appearance Browser by clicking on the Tools tab > Material and Appearance panel > Appearance.  Alternatively you can click on the Appearance shortcut on the Quick Access Toolbar.

In the Appearance Browser, you will see the knurled 45 in the Document Appearances section, but before you do anything to it you'll want to change the appearance units to make it easier to make settings adjustments.  You do this by clicking on the folder icon at the bottom-left of the Appearance Browser, and then clicking Set Display Units.

In the Default Material Units dialog, select Metric mmNs.

Click OK and then right-click on the knurled 45 appearance in the Document Appearances section, and click Edit.

In the Appearance Editor, select the Type drop down box under the Relief Pattern and change from the non-functional Knurl to Custom - Image.

This action will immediately bring you to Windows Explorer, where you will select the knurl_bump.bmp as the new Relief Pattern.  The default location for textures in Inventor 2014 is, C:UsersPublicDocumentsAutodeskInventor 2014Textures.

After clicking Open, you will be brought to the Texture Editor, where you can make adjustments to the image.  Here you will want to change the scale.  Try something in the neighborhood of 2mm. Make any adjustments you feel best suits your needs.

Click on the X to dismiss the Texture Editor.  Back in the Appearance Editor, you can make any other modifications you wish to, such as the Type and Finish for the Metal. Click OK.

We need to add this appearance to the Inventor Material Library.  To do this, right-click on the appearance again, select Add to > Inventor Material Library > Metal (or any of the categories you want it placed in).

You are done!  You have just done the Knurly Shuffle! Nyuk! Nyuk!  Just in case you're too young to remember, here's a link to the Curly Shuffle by Jump 'N' The Saddle,