Managing Autodesk Desktop Subscription (TERM) Licenses

Jason Porter

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Many of you are well aware by now that Autodesk perpetual licenses are officially a thing of the past. If someone wishes to purchase a new license now the only option is to purchase a desktop subscription (or also known as a TERM license).  With this new licensing model companies will have to assign licenses to specific named users.  This named user can technically go to any computer and install and activate the software (so long as the system meets the requirements to run the software) from anywhere.  Once there has been an activation on one computer the software on the others are rendered useless until the user signs in again.  With that said, the company must also remember to unsassign the software and remove users from their account should the named user leaves.

There have been some instances we've seen where users are having issues activating their licenses. This issue usually happens because the  the contract manager (the person purchasing the software) is the same person to whom the licenses are originally assigned.  This means that this contract manager needs to first unassign the license from himself/herself and then reassign the license to the named user.

So how to manage this. . .

  1. When the contract manager (person purchasing the software) completes the order Autodesk initially assigns all licenses to that person.  That person must first access their Autodesk account to begin managing the licenses.
  2. The contract manager must then add users to their account.  The first two steps can be better understood by reading this:  Add Users in Autodesk Account
  3. The contract manager must then grant the user access to the software:  Managing User Access (NICE!!!!   There is a short video at the bottom of the page walking you through the process)

If you need a deeper dive explanation of how to manage Autodesk users and permissions here is a much more in depth video:

If the contract manager prefers to have someone else manage the software they can change the contract manager or assign a software coordinator:

NOTE:  If your contract just renewed you will have to reassign the the software coordinator.  By default the renewal resets the software coordinator rights back to the contract manager.

Once all this is done the user can then activate the software on their system.  The user simply installs the software and when they launch it for the first time they should see a screen similar to this:

Click the Sign In option and it should activate the software with their sign in credentials.  At some point they may be rerouted back to a similar screen for the serial number.