Map 3D/Civil 3D: copy and paste lot lines from Excel

Jason Porter

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NOTE:  This cannot be done directly in Civil 3D because Civil 3D overwrites the command sequence and therefore the output is incorrect.    Therefore you must begin this process in Map 3D and then complete it in Civil 3D.

First let’s discuss the setup needed in Excel.  Setup the columns in your Excel file so that each column represents the needs of your transparent command, quadrant, appropriate ENTER placeholders, bearings, and distances.  Similar to this:

Notice that in order to add the single apostrophe in the transparent command cell you must enter two apostrophes in the Excel formula line:

Now select the cells and copy them to your clipboard:

Now, launch Map 3D and turn off object snaps, object snap tracking, and dynamic input.  I found these had to be disable for this to work correctly.

Start the line command and pick start point.

Click your cursor in the commandline, right-click and paste.

Here is the image of the linework from the above spreadsheet beginning at 0,0 and continuing from there:

Save the file and, if you need to convert it to a parcel or label it, take into Civil 3D.