Modernize Your Document Review Workflow with BIM 360-1

Modernize Your Document Review Workflow with BIM 360

Carol Dunn

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With BIM 360, you can now create cloud-based review processes for your project. This will allow you to manage and view the review process from anywhere, plus review, mark up and comment on a document or set of documents from anywhere at any time on any platform.

We’ve seen people use reviews for the following:


  • Schematic design review
  • Design detail review
  • Construction document review


  • ASI / RFI review
  • Shop drawings

You can customize your review approval processes in BIM 360 – anywhere from a one-step approval process to a six-step approval process:

Within the review approval workflow, you can customize just about anything. You can select who initiates the review and determine which team members need to review at which step. You can decide how much time they have to review and mark up and who is the final decision maker. This can be customized by individual, by company responsible or even by role.

The experts at Applied Software suggest customizing by role (as seen below), because you can save your reviews for later use on other projects. The process shown below is a two-step review.

You can also customize your approval statuses to fit your company or project needs. The basic setup is Approved (green), Rejected (red) and Approved with Notes (gray). You can customize the names, add additional statuses or even remove statuses to fit your project requirements.

You can even determine where the files go once they’ve been approved. For instance, you might set up a schematic design approval workflow that pushes any approved files from the 01 SD folder to the 02 DD folder. This could be helpful because you’ll know exactly what is approved and what is still being worked on just by clicking inside a folder. You can also write any custom notes that might help the end user review the process at a glance.