Modifying Deployments

Jason Porter

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Issue: This is just an example. . . .You've created a deployment using a standalone license. You need 1 more standalone deployment which uses a different serial number and 1 more network license deployment with a different serial number (licensed for 4 installations).

Solution: Autodesk Product Support answers this issue on the Autodesk Installation and Licensing Discussion forum:  Deployments and Licensing - Product Design Suite 2015 Ultimate.  The following is a summary of that solution.

You shouldn't need different deployment directories. You can just create 3 different deployment configurations from one folder. To do this:

  1. Create the first deployment,
  2. When the first deployment is complete, go into the tools folder of the deployment and choose "Create & Modify a Deployment".
  3. Select the option "Create a new deployment configuration using an existing configuration as a template." Keep the deployment directory the same but choose a new deployment name and make whatever changes are needed.

Once you create it the result will be your deployment folder will have 2 shortcuts to start a deployment, one for each configuration however they can pull from the same source files.

One note, if your different deployment configurations will contain different sets of products it's best to make the first deployment you create the one that contains all the products so that all source files are there to work off of.