Navis 2018 NOT Loading Object Enabler

David Ronson

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Problem - When loading .dwg into Navisworks 2018, Fabrication elements are not displayed

Cause - Path in the Registry is pointed to the wrong folder

Solution - Fix the Registry

Step 1a) DONT LOAD DWGs INTO NAVIS - see previous vlog for details (link below) - if you don't like this step skip to Step 1b


Step 1b) Go to Windows Start Menu and Search for REGEDIT

Step 2) Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Autodesk>ObjectDBX>R22.0>Applications>Maps_Solids

Step 3) Double Click on LOADER and update the dbx file location

wrong | c:\program files\autodesk\fabrication 2018\cadmep\dbx\cadmepdb22.dbx

   right | c:\program files\autodesk\fabrication 2018\cadmep\cadmepdb22.dbx

Step 4) Profit