Noteworthy Improvements to BIM 360 Field You May Have Missed

Clinton Cook

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BIM 360 Field has been regularly releasing features which you may have missed here are some of the features we felt were most noteworthy.

1.       You can add a pinpoint to issues regardless of what module you are in. Prior to this release you could only add a pin when in the Issues Module and with By Location selected. Now you can add a pin directly from any issue whether it is originated in a checklist, equipment ect.. The one caveat is you need to have the location selected and documents linked to that location prior to placing the pin.

a.       The below is an example of an issue generated from a checklist. You will notice there is not a location set.

b.      After the location is set there will be a new button appear on my issue form.

Tap this button and provided you have your drawings linked it will automatically drop the pins on the plan for you.

2.       View the source in which an issue was generated and quickly navigate to that source. For instance in the above example the issue was originally generated from a checklist. If I am viewing that issue in the issue module I now have a new option that shows where that issue was generated. This field is shown below the Issue Type field and is called Sources. Sources will show you what checklists, equipment or task that this issue is associated with and allow you to quickly navigate to that item.

If this issue was added from a checklist linked to equipment it will provide you with a link to both the piece of equipment and the checklist for easy navigation.

This source navigation is also available on the web as well.

3.       You can now control iPad photo quality at the project level. This can be a big help for the superintendents who love to use their cameras and admins who need to control the image size.

4.       Web permissions now includes a permission for “Only allow Project Admins to bulk edit issues.” I'm not going to go into detail about what this button does. I think it is pretty self explanatory.

5.       As an admin from the web you can now link issues to Equipment or Tasks after they have been created. This will come in handy for several projects where it is important to have everything tied closely together.

To see the full list of release items. You can keep up with it here.