O365 is Sold Here!

Douglas Dahlberg

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Did you know that Applied Software also offers Office 365 and Azure products?

Applied Software offers a wide selection of great products. One of my personal favorites are the Microsoft Office 365 products. Not only is Microsoft Office the product everyone uses it is the most flexible.   Depending on your subscription type you can install and run it on your work computer,  you can install it on your home computer, your cellphone, your tablet,.etc. Up to 5 times for an O365 E3 subscription.

If that wasn’t cool enough. How about competitive pricing?  Applied Software O365 subscription are very competitively priced. Check with you sales rep for pricing.

Monthly terms.  That’s right you commitment is not yearly. It’s only a monthly commitment.  In fact Applied Software allows subscribers to add licenses on a monthly basis and drop licenses on a monthly basis.  That’s right.  If you need to ramp up. Add more licenses.  If you need to ramp down.  Let us know how many licenses you want to reduce.  Stop paying for software and services you are not using. Right-size your Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions with Applied Software.

But wait there’s more.  Each subscription sold through Applied Software comes with built-in End user support.  Get extra bandwidth in your helpdesk department with dedicated 24/7 end user support.   Your end users can contact support directly for all their O365 issues.

For a complete list of Microsoft Products  go to https://www.asti.com/product/microsoft-business-solutions/