Oh, how I wish. . .

Jason Porter

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No matter how robust Autodesk makes their software there seems to always be someone who, "wishes the software would just (fill in the blank)."   I occasionally get a call from a client who says to me that they love the software, but it's just missing one minor thing that they need it to do.

Well, did you know that you do have a voice in the matter of what gets updated to current releases and added in new ones?  It's been in front of you the entire time too.  From the start page of the software you will find in the upper right-hand corner the "Connect" section.  In this section you'll see a button titled "Send Feedback".  I'm sure you've seen it:

If you click on the "Send Feedback" button you'll be routed to the official Autodesk wishlist page.  In this section you can tell Autodesk what it is that you'd like to see in upcoming releases.  The more the hits on the same topic, the better the chances for the addition.  Of course, be realistic about this.  No, the software will not run your personal errands.