Populating all Cells in a Revit Schedule

Mike Massey

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Editing cells in a Revit schedule can be long and monotonous, especially if the majority of the cells for a parameter are the same though out the schedule.  Revit does not allow you to highlight multiple cells in a schedule to change the value of multiple cells in one step.

A tip to assist in editing multiple cells all at once is to change two properties in the schedule.

  1. On the Sorting /Grouping tab of the Schedule Properties, change the sorting to be sorted by the parameter that you are trying to change.
  2. Then uncheck the Itemize Every Instance check box.

This will collapse all the fields together into one row and you can simply change the value of the field and it will change it for all items.  Then go back and reapply the desired sorting method and re-check the Itemize Every Instance check box.