Publish your iParts to your Custom Library

Dave Morse

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In my last post, Creating Categories in the Content Center Editor, we completed the task of creating an organizational structure for our custom parts to be published to.  In today's post, we will be using the Content Center Publish Part function to engage the Publish Guide.  Using the Publish Guide, we will use the prompts to complete the publishing of our custom parts to our read/write library.

We’ll start by opening up in Inventor, one of our iParts.  In my example, I have opened up an iPart file called Blind Flange.ipt. Next, we’ll click on Manage > Content Center > Publish Part, to bring up the Publish Guide dialog box.

In the first screen of the dialog box, we’ll select the read/write library to publish to, select the language, and then select Next >

Now, we must select the Category to publish to.  Then, click Next >

In the next screen, we would map family columns to Category Parameters.  I’ll cover this area in a separate post, so for now, we’ll just click Next >

In the next dialog screen, we will Set Family Properties.  By default, the iPart file name will be in the Family Name box, but we can change this if needed.  We will fill in the other boxes as needed, and then click Next >

Finally, we will set the Family Thumbnail Image.  Again, by default it is set for us, but we can substitute a different image if we choose.

Select the Publish button.  Inventor now works to publish the iPart to the library.  Once that is done, we can test the content by creating a new assembly file and inserting the part from the Content Center.

Once the part is published we can still make changes to the family, if we have need.  Simply right-mouse click on the family and select Family Table.

This will take us to the Family Table Editor, where we can make changes (i.e. changing the Material)to our family and save those changes.