How to Remove the Units String in a Parts List

Dave Morse

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I recently had a client ask how to remove the Units String from the MASS column in his Parts List. He was working on his Inventor drawing template and wanted to be able to format the column so that the units (lbmass, or kg) doesn't show in each and every row (it is displayed in the header).  In this blog post, I'll demonstrate how to accomplish this.

Right click on your Parts List and select Edit Parts List.

In the Parts List dialog box, right click on the Mass column, then select Format Column...

In the Format Column dialog box, you must first change the selected Radio button from No Value Substitution to Enable Value Substitution.  Once this is done, you must select the MASS property category from the Available Properties in the Parts List Column Chooser, and click OK.

Next, you have the option to change the value of "When rows are merged, value used is" from First Value to Sum of Values.  Once you have made this selection, you can now select the Apply Units Formatting radio button, and then un-check the Unit String.

Click OK.  You should see that the Parts List Mass column no has the Units String is not displayed.