Removing Feature Lines from a Surface

Jason Porter

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Have you ever created a surface from feature lines and at some point in time you may have had the need to remove one or two?  I know most of you have and I know the pain that you've been facing.  Most people just give up and delete the surface and recreate it again without the feature lines.

Well, my buddy, Tom Richardson is back at it with a great solution.

  1. Use the LIST command and list the feature line that you want to remove. Note the Breakline set # and the Item # in the group. Example: for Breakline set2: 4, the set # is 2 and the item # is 4.
  2. On the prospector tab, expand Surfaces > Surface Name > Definition > Breaklines branch.
  3. Select the Breakline set noted from Step 1. In this example it's Breakline set2.
  4. In the Item View of Prospector tab, select the breakline with the item # from Step 1. In this example it's Item # 4. You may need to make the Description column wider to read the item numbers.
  5. Right click the breakline you want to delete and select Delete. This will remove the breakline from the set and renumber any additional breaklines in the set automatically.
  6. Even if you have the surface set to Rebuild Automatically it will not rebuild. Right click on the surface name in Prospector and select Rebuild.
  7. The surface should now reflect the removal of the feature line from the surface definition.

To better convey this, Tom created an Autodesk Screencast video.  Take a look at it here:  Remove a Single Feature Line from a Breakline Set in a Surface