Restricted Characters in BIM 360 Field

Michael Reuter

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Every so often, one of our clients gets an error in their BIM 360 Field Library with one of their uploaded files. The file is either corrupted or won't upload. There could be any reason as to why this happened, but one of the more consistent issues that pops up is with "Restricted Text Characters." This blog will set the record straight for what characters should & should not be used when making BIM 360 Files.

I would also use this blog as a Rule of Thumb for any computer file, whether on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, the web / HTML, etc. Also, for sake of argument, use this blog for all devices Windows 8 / Mac OSX or greater.


It should come as no surprise that upper-case letters, lower case letters, and numbers are OK. Other safe characters include parentheses, underscores single spaces & dashes. You can safely use any and all of these characters in BIM 360 Field and almost all operating systems & web locations.


Depending on the language of your computer, special characters, characters with accent marks or other above-the-letter punctuation (like umlauts, tildes, etc.) could cause problems. Brackets & periods also give some operating systems issues. For BIM 360 products, periods are OK (except when back to back), as are brackets.


There are a lot of characters that shouldn't be used when creating a file name. Never use greater than/less than, punctuation (other than a single period), quotation marks, commas, any of the "above the numbers" symbols, slashes, back slashes, vertical lines, colons, tildes, accent marks, double spaces, special characters or emojis. Using these characters on your server files or Field Library files will likely cause an error. In most cases, you won't be able to save the file with these restricted characters.