Revit 2017 Add-ins: Do you eTransmit?

Gabe Hernandez

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How do you archive, share, backup, copy, models at your office?

If you did not say "eTransmit" then you definitely need to install, and run tests in your environment. Your BIM coordinator and consultants will love you for it.

Most of our consultants issues are surrounded by model updates. Some do not detach from central or copy/monitor levels and grids. issues can occur during the upgrading process. Some models with massive amounts of links and custom families have been known to crash. These can cause quite a mess, and corrupt a model to the point of having to restore a usable backup.

Did you even backup?

Here is a solution to review and implement.

eTransmits can do the following in your workflow and assist with your extended team. (consultants)

  • Copy and detach a Revit model and associated files to a single folder for internet transmission. This removes the typical error messages when you copy central files using the operating system.
  • Locate dependent files automatically and include them in the transmittal folder, helping to reduce the possibility of error. All dependent files are automatically converted to use relative paths so the dependent files can be located by the model.
  • Choose to include related dependent files such as linked Revit models, CAD files, DWF™ markups, decal images, and external keynote files. You can transmit any Revit (.rvt) model that has been upgraded to be compatible with a Revit 2012 software product or later.
  • Choose to Upgrade the Revit (.rvt) model and linked models to the current release.
  • Choose to remove unused families, materials, and other objects from the Revit projects to reduce file size.
  • Transmit models that are using file-based worksharing or server-based worksharing.

You can get the 2017 version of eTransmit and other Add-ins via your Autodesk Desktop App. Make sure you keep an eye on the new app for updates to all your Autodesk software. Autodesk Desktop App