Revit 2017 Text overlapping Issues in Schedule

Rick Kremer

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Hi Folks,

I have been getting several calls from customers that are using Revit 2016/2017 and have a really nice high resolution screen on their PC and are experiencing issues with being able to read within their schedules. The text ends up being garbled and overlapping.

The issue is the "newer" screens ( greater than (1920x1080) don't seem to work well in Revit when looking at things like schedules. In the Schedule view the text within the boxes overlaps and is unreadable. The only "fix" was to place the view on a sheet in order to clearly "read" all the text.

Below is a link to an article on how to fix this. Please keep in mind, in my experience it takes a few tries on a PC to get the balance between changing the screen resolution and adjusting the size of text to be no larger than 100%.

Good luck,

Rick Kremer

Applied Software