Revit 2017/2016 Won't plot PDF's

Rick Kremer

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  • Revit 2016 and Revit 2017 has issues trying to plot PDF sheets from project.
  • Plot Dialogue box freezes up during plotting
  • When trying to plot PDF's, you go to Plot and nothing happens


  1. Delete a windows service pack/update called "kb3177725", then restart your computer.
  2. When using Windows 7 plot PDF to your Desktop. Then move the PDF file as needed.
  3. If your using Windows 10, please look to see if you have a Windows update called "windows 10 anniversary". Delete it. That update from Windows is causing all sorts of issues with Revit.
  4. After you restart you PC, install a PDF writer called "CutePDF". You'll have to google it, read the licence agreement, and if your ok with the agreement click to download and install. You'll be prompted to install another package from CUTE PDF hit OK, this is the 2nd half of the PDF writer package.
      1. (When installing CUTEPDF, be careful not to accept the other add ins, like Bing search bar or the weather bug application)
  5. After you finish installing the CUTE PDF writer use this PDF writer and plot again to your desktop.
  6. That's it!! Now go relax for a few minutes before your boss asks you to start on another project.


Rick Kremer